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About C-Date:


C-date – Ideal Dating Services for Everyone


  • An easy-to-use site, both for desktops and mobile devices
  • Straight-to-the-point profiles leave you in no doubt who’s interested in what
  • The quick and simple registration process
  • The facility to see who’s online


  • Pay a subscription for more features

Is your online dating experience falling short of your expectations? Then you might want to give C-Date a shot. Despite its reputation, this site does not pair you up with a lot of bland and boring people. It focuses on casual encounters and does a superb job of making them fun. C-Date examines your profile and determines which members are a good match for you.

Finding a partner for a long-term relationship is becoming increasingly difficult in real life. As a result, services designed exclusively for people who wish to start dating are becoming increasingly popular.  This online platform aims to assist people in meeting their goals and feeling better emotionally. The initial impression is crucial, and C-main Date’s page is quite remarkable. What about the rest of the website’s features? Read this review to see if C-Date is deserving of its popularity.

C-Date uses its matchmaking technology to analyze your profile and match it to the profiles of other users to assist you to discover your best match. You will receive contact proposals via an integrated email function, which is available with a premium subscription. You can also use the customizable search tool to go exploring on your own.

We put this dating site to the test to see if it lives up to its claims. Read our C-Date reviews below to see what we discovered.

C-date Joining Process

  • Requires email address
  • Only need to do six things to make an account
  • Profile picture needs to be checked by moderators
  • Temporary access to Premium for new users
  • Women get complete access to free

You only need to complete a few simple steps to become a member of C-Date. You will be asked to provide information such as the type of experience you desire, whether you are attracted to men or women, the city where you come from, your age as well as relationship status, what you look like, how you found C-Date, your email address, and a password.

Your profile will be created after you provide the requested information. The final step is to confirm your registration by clicking on a link delivered to your email address.

You get a free trial of the Premium membership as a new user for a few days. If you are a woman, you are automatically a premium member because you have access to all of the site’s features for free. For male users, a subscription is required to have full access to all of the site’s features.

You will be directed to your homepage immediately after creating your account and confirming your registration. Your matches, new members, and online members will all be visible to you. Instantly explore and strike up a conversation.

C-date Interface

You are free to use this website once you have created your personal profile. The main page of C-Date is attractive. As a result, learning how to use all of the capabilities won’t take long. C-colors Date’s (violet and green) make it not only functional but also appealing. This website is one of the best options for those who want to meet their destinies and lovers for a few nights, owing to the superb combination of contemporary style and easy usability.

The first thing that is suggested is that you share your photos. The main difference between C-Date and other dating sites is that intimate photos cannot be uploaded. You can include some personal information to help find the person who will most likely meet your needs. It’s necessary to write about your profession, education, favorite drinks, and nickname, for example. Nevertheless, adding any personal information is not recommended if you wish to protect yourself against scammers.

C-date Member Structure

Members of C-Date are very active users. Just like your matches list, you’ll always see a long list of online users. Members will send you a message and will not be hesitant to look for you. Although contact proposals are great ways to get started, you don’t have to wait long because members will come out to you. They’re gregarious and know what they’re doing.


You will never run out of matches to explore with over 36 million people globally and up to 25,000 new signups every day. Many of the members are serious about hookups and meets. Surprisingly, the vast majority of the members are thought to be professionals and business owners.


This website is also beneficial in that it allows you to communicate in a number of ways. You might start by simply sending messages to your interlocutors. Even those who simply have the free version of the service have access to this option. To begin your conversation, browse at the photos of your potential companion. You must go to the section titled «Mailbox» to check your messages. Requests and conversations are two examples of partitions. The second half is devoted to accounting. You can also request to see and share your erotic photos and other private information.


You’ll receive a confirmation email after completing the registration procedure. Then, you will be given access to a free version if you answer it. You can, however, purchase a subscription if you want to be completely happy with your experience on our website. There are three types of memberships: three months, six months, and a year. You won’t get any ads or other annoying notifications if you choose the premium plan.

C-date Free Version

For those who aren’t sure if they’ll be using C-Date for a long time, a free account is a terrific option. It enables you to use all of the features. When you sign up, you’ll be able to see a list of your ideal matches, complete the questionnaire, and so much more.

Moreover, there are no communication limitations. It means you may send and receive messages, as well as exchange photographs and videos. All of these features are unrestricted. Therefore, it is preferable to include your photos because most users are hesitant to connect with others without first looking them in the eyes.

C-date Premium Membership

The Premium membership on C-Date can be somewhat expensive. Even if you choose the most cost-effective choice of a year-long membership, you will still be charged a monthly fee. These Premium access features, on the other hand, are still quite good.

You’ll be able to send messages, view additional photographs, favorite users, and receive an endless stream of Contact Proposals. It’s difficult not to be envious of women who get Premium for free. C-Date Premium is an excellent choice if you can work out your budget or give up other memberships that you aren’t using.

C-date Mobile Application

C-Date Application, like its website, offers a contemporary and intimate feel to it. It’s made to have a mild erotic air to it, luring players in for an adult journey. In some countries, the app is not available on Google Play or Apple Store. You can, however, acquire it from APK Pure. You can also use your phone browser to access the C-Date site’s mobile version.

It’s simple and clear in general. It contains tabs that allow you to quickly access and view online member lists, matches, talks, and profile visits. A dropdown menu on the right side of the screen features tabs for seeing your profile, your ‘My Favorites’ list, your ‘My Likes,’ ‘Help,’ as well as the log-out option.

Customer service

Customer service and customer care are sometimes a source of frustration for online dating site consumers. C-Date, on the other hand, outperforms several of its competitors in this area. Although a response can take up to three days, the ‘Help’ button is the best approach to contact customer service employees. You can also send the company an email, but the response time would be the same.

C-date Special Features

C-Date is the place to go especially when you’re searching for a non-committal, easy dating experience. C-Date describes itself as a casual dating platform where people can meet others who share similar interests. Members of C-Date don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or upsetting others because the purpose is clear, and those who join are guaranteed to act out their erotic dreams. It’s a hookup service for one-night stands and casual encounters. C-Date includes the following features to make your casual dating experience more enjoyable.

Contact Proposal

This, as previously stated, entails different matches being given to you. They’ll show up in your inbox and show you who the person is as well as their general information. As a Premium member, Contact Proposal can provide you with a large number of excellent leads.

My Erotic Type

This is a fantastic sexual psychology game. You’ll choose five different images, after which your erotic type will be revealed. “Conventional,” “Adventurous,” “Romantic,” as well as “Wild” are the four categories.

Photo Release

By unchecking the box that says “All women can view my photo,” you can make your identity more private. Once you’ve selected who you can trust, you can show them your photos. This is an excellent method for staying safe on C-Date.

Is Paying a Premium Membership on C-date Really Worth it?

People who want to use all of the special features of C-date without any restrictions should opt for the premium version. Moreover, by purchasing a subscription, you show your appreciation for the service’s founders’ efforts.

For hookups and other casual sex encounters, C-Date for dating has been a good site. It may appear classy, but there’s nothing fundamentally low-class about wanting to have a good time. Consider signing up for C-Date just to see what we mean when we say it’s a fantastic website. You’ll get Premium for at least a few days, and you might be able to arrange something before your trial ends. If you’re a female user, you’re in luck, and if you’re a man, it’s well worth the money.

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