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About Adult Match Maker :


Adult Match Maker Review 2021

  • Trusted Dating Sites
  • Offer a free sign-up
  • Great Features


  • Large Membership Database
  • Profile features allow discretion
  • Most of AMM members are very active
  • Accommodates to a variety of sexual affairs


  • Free members also have limited features
  • A high Sexually explicit content

Adult Match Maker is indeed a website where people are looking for adult match and fun. You’ll even find a one-on-one date, meeting a couple, or attending a house party, but this will make you find and keep you busy.

Mature Dating on AdultMatchMaker is such a dynamic experience that distinguishes itself from the rivalry by allowing you to choose how you interact with the community. You can always transition from a casual dating relationship to something more serious, or simply make new friends.

We liked the site’s minimalist approach to maneuvering you from one page to the next, displaying search results, as well as helping you in matching with other Aussies upon this site.

However, premium memberships can be a little pricey. Luckily, registering for the site is free, and that you can always stop using it and pay if you experience it isn’t working. Eventually, if you are interested in casual hook-ups, affairs, or maybe even a serious relationship and also some friendship, we recommend trying it out for yourself.

Get Started

The site has made a name for itself as a popular Aussie dating site among swingers who crave casual wife swapping, adult dating, as well as the one-night stand. Those wants to establish an affair or plainly have some kinky chat experiences will obtain something more to enjoy.

Adult Match Maker has set up a website that provides a complete dating experience focused on a community of like-minded people, as well as services that are now available on dating websites all around the world, such as its swingers app and much more!

Read our review on Adult Match Maker’s membership programs, user-friendliness, features, and much more to see whether it truly is one of the best sex sites in Australia!

Brief History

Peter Somogyi, an Australian printing professional turned website developer, founded Adult Match Maker in 2001.He created the first version of Adult Match Maker, leveraging the power of television advertising at the time to boost the site’s branding as well as awareness. Adult Match Maker is indeed a sole proprietorship owned entirely by Australians. It is managed and operated by Peter’s company, Giga Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest online dating group.

Adult Match Maker promotes a sex-positive ethos, which embraces all genders, sexualities, as well as lifestyle choices in compliance with current societal change and general awareness for both gender and sexual diversity.

Important Details

Registering the site for a free Adult Match Maker account is simple and quick. To begin, you must enter some basic details like your gender identity as well as location. Then that’s time to complete your profile, where you can provide the photos, personal info, and describe the characteristics you’re looking for in a partner. You can include your sexual preferences to help you identify your ideal sexual match. This feature is extremely helpful as you’ll never waste time having conversations with someone who has different sexual expectations than you.

After you’ve created your account, you’re ready to start chatting. They have such an advanced search option where you can define anything from the type of relationship they’re searching for to their sexual preference as well as relationship status, and also how they maintain their pubic hair. You can save your searches to save time later!

What to Expect When You Login to Adult Match Maker?

After logging in, we spent some time exploring the Adult Match Maker website. We noticed that it was filled by a diverse group of people: however, this adult dating site is also geared toward gay, lesbian, as well as transgender people. You can however create your own profile, so put some effort into it.

When it comes to defining your character, tick the boxes – height, weight, what you prefer, and more – but don’t forget to write something else in the box as well. This will consider giving other users a better feeling of your personality as well as result in more interaction.

Adult Match Maker in Australia.

What makes this site more special is that this is primarily an affair and adult dating site for Australia. Normally, we discovered a higher population density and majority of participants in cities such as Sydney and Perth. There’s very little concern about operating into users from other countries, so you can look to find someone in your area! This also helps with the parties and events that are held here.

Adult Match Maker can indeed make traveling around Australia more enjoyable by allowing you to flirt with people on the internet and meet up with them in more away places. Being a homegrown dating site, it appeared again that the operators were all well aware of what it was that piqued the interest of Australians!

The Search Feature in Adult Match Maker

Adult Match Maker’s search feature, which we thought to be highly detailed, is also impressive. Aside from the standard functionality of being able to search by physical traits, you are also given a reasonably accurate and realistic perspective of who is nearby. Users can browse for couples as well as relationships and swingers, and they can focus not only on affairs but rather on swingers. You can even save your search settings so you don’t have to type it every time. That’s not terrible!

Another point you can do now is see someone who is currently online. The website shows how many men and women are online at any particular time, as well as how many are in the chat rooms. It plainly leaves little time wasted and much more opportunities to start flirting at the most appropriate times

The site does have a robust search tool that allows users to find other members by entering a particular or combination of requirements.

You can search by age range, location, and the type of relationship they are looking for. This is vital to achieve you get the right match, so choosing ‘A relationship’ will not assure you a one-night stand, but someone who wishes to take it little by little. Here are your options:

  • Erotic Chat or E-mail
  • Companionship
  • Love relationship
  • Something discreet
  • Something kinky
  • Casual encounters
  • A domineering/subordinate relationship

You can also modify those results to only show users who are verified, have an image, or accept free contact. You can however sort the results by the last time a user logged in, the date they created an account, and the type of membership they have.

The advanced search gets directly to the core of your search in terms of physical appearance, description as well as interests, and also personality and lifestyle. When you close down your search, the results are given in a list with thumbnail previews of the user’s photo as well as a short synopsis of their profile. Even if you’ve a free trial, you can find the information on any profile, but you are unable to contact that member until they have paid for the service.

Adult Match Maker Features

Events are frequently posted in sections like Community Notices.  These Notices frequently inform interested members of what is going to happen this week, this month, or even in the future. And that there are numerous events and parties going on: you don’t have to solely depend on messaging and speaking with AMM members.

  • Webcam chat room feature gives the site a new level. If you don’t feel like going, you can always go online and meet other members.
  • Several communities for everyone.
  • Membership Verification: This is most likely one of the most important aspects, particularly for female members. AMM users “verify” one another. This allows an extra layer of security. This is accomplished by submitting official identification documents.
  • Swinger parties, general get-togethers, and even cruises are various forms of events.

Additional Adult Match Maker Features

  • The site does have an Adult Mode, which you can activate after verifying your age with a credit card. This mode allows you to view more raunchy content posted by other members, which may contain adult material.
  • The site also has a live chat function that will only be accessible to fully paid-up members. This is really a great way to turn your winks into a mature discussion without exceeding your daily message limit.
  • The online community contains some useful notices and information regarding groups and events that may be of interest to those considering switching to online dating.
  • The blog, which contains information about the site and dating in general, is also very well worth a read.

Adult Match Maker Promotional Codes

Just like many other businesses, occasionally offers promotional codes. If you’d like to take full advantage of one, you also can visit the website and see everything it has to offer. Bear in mind that there are various websites that offer bogus promo codes. Before you register, make sure to read the fine print as well as look for any discrepancies!

AMM offers its own discounts on occasion, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the site to find out. These are usually accessible to existing members too, so it can’t hurt to create a simple profile!

Upgrade your Membership

You can only send a certain number of messages per day, based on your membership, so be particular when sending out those initial contacts. Rather than sending a message, you can send a Wink to another member to extend your quote further. This sees potential and, if they wink back, begins the ball rolling. You can also browse using a single or multiple keyword, and also a username.

Depending on your needs, it offers various types of upgrade accounts. Unlimited chat room access is one of the benefits of Silver Membership. Gold Members can post Community Notices, and Platinum Members can send unlimited chat requests.

  • Silver membership
    • 4 messages daily
    • 8 winks daily
    • 50 video views daily
    • 2 private galleries
    • 3rd in search listing priority
    • 24/7 chat room access
    • Message and Wink filtering
  • Gold membership
    • 12 messages daily
    • 12 winks daily
    • 100 video views daily
    • 3 private galleries
    • 2nd in search listing priority
    • 24/7 chat room access
    • Private video/text chat
    • Message and Wink filtering
    • Post community notices
  • Platinum membership
    • 25 messages daily
    • 25 winks daily
    • Unlimited video views
    • 5 private galleries
    • 1st in search listing priority
    • 24/7 chat room access
    • Private video/text chat
    • Message and Wink filtering
    • Post community notices
    • Priority support

Who You’ll Meet & Find?

You’ll find straight, gay, bisexual, as well as transgender people, with a variety of ways to connect for each group. Singles and married couples can use this to find friendships, emotional connections, love, as well as sex. There are no real borders. It’s completely up to you! Using this site’s free services, you do everything from meet new people to satisfy your sexual fantasies.

Events from Real Life

There is community-based and real-life activity there. They commonly publicize different events such as bondage parties as well as swinger clubs. You can discover more about these by talking with other members. There are also sections for free sex chat, free tips and advice.

Is it Worth it?

Adult Match Maker is a website that provides you with the tools to connect with people who share your interests. Their sign-up process is easy and efficient, and most of their features are easy to use. The site claims to get something for everyone, and the more time you spend on it, and then you’ll realize how true that is. Adult Match Maker is the site to visit if you’re searching for casual sex, swinging, sex parties, or even a monogamous relationship.

All in all, Adult Matchmaker is a good website to use because of its easiness combined with its extensive search capabilities. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles to distract from its primary goal of putting you in front of an audience and allowing you to browse for your ideal match. There are too many websites that declare to do the same thing and try to include far too much details, which only acts as a distraction.

This website is all about increasing the number of sexual play partners you have. Couples and singles alike should be able to find what they are looking for, as the community appeals to every taste imaginable.

At the moment, the site only accepts members from Australia and New Zealand. They get a different website for people who live outside of Australia. That it is much smaller than more global hookup sites, so expect to do some digging before meeting anyone.

Adult Matchmakers leaves live sex cams, forums, as well as porn to the experts and focused entirely on providing an uncluttered and easy way to meet likeminded adults online. To get started right away, register and create a profile.

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